A Day of R and R. 26th July.

I could have risen early, packed up the tent in the rain and cycled into town to look around. However today was planned as a rest and recuperation day. Arguably I needed neither, but there is little else to do. The rain continued until 11am and I continued to remain lazy until that time too. I’ve since looked around Honningsvag and the museum.

One of the Hurtiguten ships dock in Honningsvag.

Querky things abound in unusual places. These ‘souls’ obviously survived the stormy seas.

Honningsvag’s main attraction has to be it’s museum. I spent an enjoyable two hours learning about both its ancient dwellings and modern history. The sorcery laws of the 15 and 16th centuries, resulting in death of both men and women. The ‘Scorched Earth Policy’ the Nazi’s operated in all villages and towns in this area and the rebuilding programme. The sinking of the German battle ship, Scharnhorst by four allied Destroyers. The past whaling and current fishing industries and future oil and gas production from the Barents sea and a surprising piece of random information was the fact that Honningsvag in the 1960’s was known as ‘ Little Chicago’s, for it unruly and gangster racketeering.

Honningvag harbour.

Part of Honningsvag.

It was inevitable!

This evening a had a coffee where the only other customer was another cyclist. We immediately fell into conversation. Aldo Rock, an Italian with perfect English, was energy loading before setting off on his road cycle to Nordkapp. Initially a ‘Dark Horse’, as we chatted about sport it came to light Aldo has competed in the cycle race across America. He is also a Triathlete and has a radio and TV station in Italy and is giving a radio interview from Nordkapp this evening at midnight, hopefully with the midnight sun shining. Now that’s how to mix work and play.

Aldo, if you read this I hope the ride to Norkapp wasn’t too arduous. The wind was particularly strong. It was good to meet you, hopefully one day our paths will cross again.

My home for tonight.

CORRECTION:- In a previous blog I refered to the Inuit people. This was a mistake, the reference was to the Sami people.

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