Question:- What is the width of a Recreational Vehicle (RV)? 23rd July.

This question has been asked for a specific reason. To make it easier the answer is within one of the following multiple choices.

1. Is it the same as a Harley Davidson with full panniers being ridden by a guy that looks that hard all vehicles give him as much space as they can,(remember the reference)?

2. Is it the same as your Ford Focus or Mini (the classic Mini, not the new massive Mini)?

3. Is it the same as a Volvo pulling a caravan fitted with extended wing mirrors the size of Dumpo’s ears that are equally effective at decapitation a cyclist as Ben Hur’s knives on his chariot wheels did to the legs of those who got in his way?

4. Perhaps its the width of a 16 seater mini bus?

5. Or could it be the width of a small lorry/truck?

Please forward your answers on a post card to be placed on top of my coffin before I am cremated.

Most RV drivers are aware they are driving a vehicle larger than they normally do. But it only takes one! If you drive a small car a certain distance from the central white or yellow line, it follows that if you do the same in a wider vehicle the nearside of that vehicle will be nearer to the curb or CYCLIST! To avoid hitting the cyclist it may be necessary to cross over that central line. There is no fine or tax for doing so and the cyclist will be immensely grateful to you.

Not to labour the point too much, but it is my life we are talking about, why did four idiots today choose to use my elbow to put a clean line down the side of their RV? There was no oncoming traffic, were they texting, reading or watching TV- all of which I’ve seen on this trip.

Anyway, to change the subject. How many young ladies can you get on one bicycle? I saw four today. The rider, one behind her, one crogging and the fourth in front of the handlebars.

With my previous ramblings, you would be forgiven for thinking not much happened today. However much did. Another 90 miles nearer to Nordkapp involving 2,000m of elevation, one hill took me from sea level to 400m ASL.

Then at the Gildetun restaurant there was this sign. Confirming there is only 370km left to cycle to Nordkapp.

People have slowed behind me then over taken, with thumbs up, waves or shouts of encouragement. An Austrian group on a coach trip were interested to learn more about my particular kind of insanity. After one hard hill climb a chap offered me water where he was waiting at the top.

I saw my first reindeer today

And my second.

Near to where some Inuit people were selling antlers and pelts, I saw these.

There have been a few tunnels where the lowly cyclist has been banned and made to cycle over the hill, whereas other road users go through it. However they do save that additional exertion of having to press down on the accelerator peddle.

Tonight I am again wild camping just outside the town of Alta, the last town of any size before Nordkapp and only 240km from it.

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