Tromso Floats my Boat. 21st July.

Only my humble view, but Tromso is certainly a cut above most other towns I’ve seen so far in Norway. It’s heritage is very much on display, in part due to the many older buildings around the town. More modern buildings work with the older and add variety and enhance it’s character.

As Anne and I will be meeting up here after the ride is finished. I tried not to look around too much. However if our day here is dull and overcast, (the weather that is, we certainly won’t be), it would have been a shame not to have used today’s sunshine and take a few photos. So here is a mouth watering taste of Tromso,:-

One of the pieces of art work done by minority group school children being displayed in the Folkeparken. This park had numerous styles of buildings found in northern Norway.

An atmospheric shot from under the pier at the Folkeparken.

And the view from that pier.

Nitty and Gritty make the London Cray Twins look like Pinky and Perky.

So much like my brother and me all those years ago.

Part of the 21 bay Fire Station. Even London hasn’t stations this big.

The most northerly botanical gardens in the world.

Helmer Hanssen, who on 14th December 1911, as captain of the Andoya ordered a stop to sledging as they approached the South Pole and asked Amundsen to ski in front of the dogs, he becoming the first man to reach the South Pole.

The Mack brewery pub.

And another, can’t think why I’ve included two very similar photos of a brewery. Must be because it’s the most northern brewery in the world, of course it is.

I would also like to mention two young people I met today. My addiction to caffeine is well known, so having parked my cycle next to a table, I went into a very pleasant cafe to order. ‘My’ table being the only unoccupied one attracted a young couple. I returned to the table and asked if I could share it with them. What followed was a very enjoyable hour of chatting with Kristina and Runar. They both live in Tromso, Runar is training to be a nurse and Kristina works as a special needs carer. I wasn’t surprised to learn that Runar is into Bouldering. For those who don’t know what this is. It’s climbing without ropes and gear at lower heights. It is both technical and demands strength. Runar was reserved about his abilities, but as is so often the case, our ladies support us and Kristina confirmed that he is good. We talked about Norway, the honesty that prevails, the cost of living, jobs, cycling and climbing. If you read this guy’s, it was a pleasure meeting you. I’m totally jealous of the lives you have ahead of you and wish you the very best for your futures.

This was the cafe where I met Kristina and Runar.

So tomorrow I mount up for the final 333 miles. Forecast is as anticipated, wet, dry, windy, wet, wet and maybe more wet. Who cares. Part of me doesn’t want this to end, but to continue would not be possible. Besides global warming is happening at such an alarming rate the ice is too thin at top end of Globe.

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