Bridges, Boats and Bus shelters. 17th July.

My hosts of last night were late risers this morning, so I didn’t provide them breakfast before leaving.

Another wonderful day, clear skies with a rising wind late afternoon. Today was very much about cycling over a series of stunning bridges.

Some have narrow pavements with high curbs. My cycle is classified as a wide load, although some long distance cyclist ride bikes that are seemingly as wide as they are long. This makes negotiating the bridges, which are narrow for two way traffic, difficult. With the cross winds and little margin for error, concentration is paramount. To be blown off the pavement at the wrong time would not be healthy.

The first ship I was tempted to visit was in the Hurtigrutemuseet. However in a few weeks time Anne and I will be returning down the coast in one of their ships and will visit the museum together.

I rode around 130 km today and having arrived in Sortland near the end of the day’s ride saw this navy ship tied up beside the filling station.

Riding into Sortland a chance glance to my left revealed a fantastic and unique bus shelter. It was just like a mini sitting room, perfect and done with such charm.

All this with a back drop of continuing mountains, crystal clear water and an abundance of wild flowers, all in air that is void of any pollution (RV’s aside).

And my home for the night- too windy for mosquitoes.

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