Two Ferries and Three Tunnels. 11th July.

The ferries ‘book ended’ the day’s cycling. I was away early from an ideal wild camp and covered the 25 km to the first ferry in the cool air. The scenery remained jaw dropping with bridges using small islands as staging posts as the road hopped from one island or peninsula to the next.

It was while I was taking the photo below that Michael rolled up beside me from the direction I was heading. His bike made ‘Mr Pickford Removal man’s from yesterday, look like a Tonka toy. Unshaven, thin as a lat, Michael had obviously been travelling for a while. Friendly and easy to talk to, we fell into conversation. Living in Germany, he had flown with his cycle to Beijing last September and had been cycling since. He was returning from northern Norway having arrived there via Finland and was on his way home. I wonder how many kilometres he has travelled during the last twelve months, how many tyres worn out and punctures. Michael, if you read this, you are an inspiration I was smiling for hours after meeting you.

And this folks is Michael:-

Note the beer cans! Man after my own heart.

And this is what we both were photographing.

This is the first ferry of the day. A string coffee and cheese cake were consumed in the sun while I waited for it to arrive.

I thought this would be helpful for those who want to exactly where these fantastic places I mention are.

This evening I’m in Vennesund and having cycled 140 km today, have finally caught up with my itinerary, having spent some additional quality time in Oslo with Anne, my long suffering wife.

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