Reward for Effort. 7th July.

The route that highway 700 takes from Berkak north to Orkanger is easy on the eye. Nothing stands out as spectacular it is all very pleasant with many traditional timber buildings standing on raised timber, stone or concrete plinths to minimise the effects of the snow that lays for many months each year.

Ochre painted houses and barns are numerous. The barns have the timber door lats painted the same cream colour as many of the houses. Huge Elk antlers whiterned with years in the sun hang high above these doors. Each barn has a ramped access to the upper floor for animal fodder to be loaded into the barn for the animals beneath during the long cold winter months. However it is the end of the summer here and the flower boxes and hanging baskets are full of Geraniums and have been placed both on the houses and barns alike.

Quaint and ornate shelters accommodate the refuse bins and milk churns are ready for collection on raised covered platforms. A couple of houses have miniature replicas in their well tendered gardens. And all the while there is the soft sound of bells ringing as the sheep graze. The common thread that runs down the valley is the river Orkla, wide with shallow rapids and deep pools, this is a Mecca for fishermen.

I saw a fox and a hare, but not understandably together. Both beside the road and both took little interest in a lone cyclist.

Arriving in Orkanger at noon, it is exactly five days since I left Oslo, although it seems longer, none the less it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I have met several nice people, notably Alistair Sinclair and Evie. The weather has been very warm until a couple of days ago. Today, like yesterday the cloud is heavy and it’s chilly.

I’m currently in Orkanger and intend camping at Flaffvegen tonight, where I will take a ferry across to Rorvika, having first visited Trondhein tomorrow.

It has turned into a wonderful evening. The sun is warm and I have pizza, chips and beer from the shop at the ferry terminal. There was so much I shared it with the camp receptionist.

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