There was a smile on my face before my eyes were open. 13th June.

No one minds being awake at 4am with a sunrise like this morning’s.

What a setting. The sea rippled onto the sand, Skylarks flew above and the sun shone. After another swim, breakfast was served at the same table as dinner. This time I looked out to sea with the sun on my face.

After 40km of riding I was looking forward to a coffee and perhaps a few calories. Ryomard, a reasonably sized town was dead, apart from the school children playing in the playground, (who were far too alive) and the gentleman who told me that the pub opened at 10am and the landlord would rustle up a coffee for me. Disappointing, especially as this cafe I photographed looked good, but didn’t open until 2pm! every day of the week. We need caffeine in the morning.

Neto came to the rescue with the calories, but I was coffee starved. So onto Auning, was this to be a repeat? I walked into a bar where six men were sitting, all eyeballed me, (had they never seen an unshaven middle aged man in Licra before?). I turned and left, letting the saloon doors swinging shut as my spurs spun on the heels of my cycle shoes. Mounting my bike I rode off down the sleepy street, aware that curtains were twitching. My hand stayed close to my bicycle pump.

The west end of Auning town was totally different, modern shops, like …. Neto, (every town has one!), clothes and art shops and just the best cafe I’ve been in for ages. Excellent coffee, top quality food, great music, great atmosphere. I stayed for over two hours!

The objective for today was to try and get back to the sea to repeat last night’s enjoyment. I cycled to Hevring it wasn’t suitable. The firing range is next door and they were spending a lot of tax payers money, given the rapid fire that could be heard and the vigilants the officer in the corner tower was exercising.

I saw this sign in ….

Best place really.

And this little lorry. Perhaps if he drinks up all his diesel he’ll grow into an sixteen wheeler wagon.

So onto the ferry at Hadsund:-

A calculated guess had me heading down a long and rough road to the sea at Havno. However the whole area had small timber houses dotted throughout the woodland with a high wired fence at the end. So retraced my ‘tyre’ prints and continued to find a suitable camp location. I’ve cycled 98km today. The last 25 in search of a site. I’m back in a wood which is miraculously free or mozzies.

Bike and bloke got a bit blown this afternoon heading uphill into a stiff head wind. The whole ride was exhilarating, but hard work. The wind was strong enough to create a nazel vortex. ‘Outdoorsy’ people know about this phenomena. Whether you are a hiker, runner, mountaineer, cyclist or anyone who has experience strong winds in your face, the wind negates the need for a hanky or tissue. This was the strength of the wind this afternoon. Weirdly it was quite enjoyable, the wind not the vortex effect.

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