Four pounds 50p for a small cup of coffee. 12th June.

We jest about Scotsmen being prudent with their money and Yorkshiremen being similar to Scotsmen, but with the generosity removed. I am neither, anyway I don’t believe this trait is accurate, I know many generous Yorkshiremen and one Yorkshire woman in particular and a few Scots. And the reason for mentioning this is? I have no objection to paying for anything provided it reflects the quality of the produce or service. So a small coffee, served beside a stagnent stream, in the middle of town it not worth five pounds. Rant over! A prologue- the next coffee was three pounds and twice the size. “Enough said you old git”, I hear you say.

Anyway what does it matter after such a fantastic afternoon. This mornings was another quick 35 km, this time into Aarhus, a large town, clean, modern, with fewer older buildings than others, but a fine church and very fine Town Hall.

The first part of this afternoon’s ride was alongside busy roads. Then having turned onto the quieter Ronde road after the climb up to Hotnslet, I again missed the sign for the start of a cycle way. Due partly as a consequence of conditioning and there being no forward advisory signs, so if you are going more than 20km/h it can be easy to miss the start of them and then frequently having to jump a ditch or climb a bank to gain access. I had just missed the start of the cycle path after the Ronde junction when a lady pulled into the lay-by I was using to do a ‘u’ turn. She sounded her horn and called me over. She politely told me that there was a cycle path and I should be on it as the stretch of road was dangerous. Jane, thank you for putting me right. It was good to meet you, albeit briefly. I’m sure my wife won’t mind me saying, that you reminded me of an ex-girlfriend. The cycle path you directed me onto was excellent. It was from this point that the remainder of the 70km ride became a pure joy. Beautiful sea views, classic sports cars and petit timber homes.

I was south of the National Park Mols Bjerge, heading SE to Ebeltoft. Here there is the Fregatten Jylland, an impressive three mast frigget.

Although certainly not on a northerly route, I had wanted to visit this area, which is renowned for its outstanding beauty. It is difficult to say what makes it so appealing, no one particular thing that jumps out, it just all fits together to create a quiet serenity. I cycled around the whole peninsula, past boat yards and marinas that reminded me of my uncle’s town of Goolwa in South Australia. Then there were many small perfectly kept wooden houses tucked away down grass tracks that reminded me of childhood memories of my great grandparent’s home in Bembridge on the Isle of Wright in the UK.

The ferry terminal where ferries leave for Odden was deserted, but was the location for this shot:-

The pleasure continued, finding these delightful old houses at Elsegardevej:-

After a few directional difficulties involving no through roads, I found Boeslum Strand. And what a find! Almost certainly the best camp site to date. There was an excellent shelter, however it had two sleeping bags, giving the impression it was going to be occupied.

So I pitched the tent 20m from the beach and sitting at the provided table, had an evening meal looking out to sea with the warm evening sun on my back. Having also had a swim, life was near to perfection.

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