Route Back to normality

Was it only a week ago today that Andy and I rode through Manchester?  Anne and I are back here staying at The Inn at Ormsby Hill, an elegant country house. We have three days to enjoy this beautiful town and surrounding area. I would have liked to have gone hacking on horseback to explore the hills, however The Boil family, who are still making their presence felt, even when driving here from Boston,  would have be a pain in the butt.

We retraced just a fraction of our cycle route and passed through Bond-ville renewing my acquaintance with James the bear.


Perhaps the main reason I am writing this blog after almost signing off, is to mention a certain restaurant in Boston and it’s General Manager,  a very generous and lovely lady. Anne and I had a great evening meal at The Commonwealth in Cambridge near The Kendall hotel where we were staying. A lady we first thought to be another diner opened the door for us. Now you get professional warm welcomes and you get genuine warm welcomes,  Jennie’s was as warm and genuine as they come. Similarly our waiter, Matthew was a cut well above the norm. Jennie had directed us to a table next to the one we would have preferred explaining that the table was part of others booked by a large party.  Unfortunately that party cancelled just before they were due to arrive.  Jennie was apologetic and soon we were chatting about various things.  So out came the reason we were in Boston. After our very nice meal, unusually the bill didn’t arrive. Matthew then told us the meal was a ‘donation’ from Jennie.

Jennie if you read this, thank so much again. Andy and I met some great people on our 4,000 miles and you are certainly one of them. The next time your family goes to England you should go with them and come and stay with us in Yorkshire.

Returning to the theme of weather as us Brits are apt to do. With rain on only three occasions in our  40 days of cycling,  Boston has started to redress the balance.


Anne enjoys a muffin from Mikes Pastry ( well known bakery in Boston).


Five minutes later Anne still enjoying her muffin in a deluge that saw surface flooding.


Twenty minutes later!

Having serviced in several UK Fire Services, including the East End of London,  couldn’t resist this photo of a fire truck in the West End of Boston.


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