The Adirondack Hills

Just had to use the word in the title.  We rode through them today, or to be more precise,  we rode up and down and up and down them.
Leaving Little Falls and the enormous Erie Canal built in 1823 for large shipping, we climbed 500 feet up onto rolling farm land. Stopping at Sailsbury Centre, which had about twenty houses more the Sailsbury just down the road,  which had five, we got into conversion with four local ‘old timers’ and a kind lady who ran the cafe who made a donation to Cancer Research.  It’s really interesting listening to locals.  We also saw our first non road kill skunk here too.


Soon the farms were replaced with trees as the soil became poor and the pink granite, for which the Adirondacks are known, showed itself.  There were also a whole series of beautiful lakes.



This area is geographically unique,  however it is difficult to get a long view of these hills as the woods are dense.


The only long view of the Adirondacks we saw today.

We were fortunate to avoid getting wet this afternoon as the sky turned a deep grey.  Wherever the rain did fall it would have been some deluge.
We have a very nice room in the Adirondack hotel in India Lake. The view from the window is across the lake where a small water plane is moored at the jetty.


So what have we done today.  Over 2,000 m of climbing in 163 kms. It was an excellent day. We only have four more days cycling,  but the old body is holding out. Infact today I felt strong and enjoyed both the ups and the downs of the roller coaster that are the Adirondack hills.

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